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Download and learn more about certificates issued by the Ackaia Trust Services certificate authority.

Which Certificate Authorities (CA) does Ackaia operate?

Certificate Policy (CP) & Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

Ackaia operates a number of CAs in accordance with our Certification Policy (CP).

Our Certificate Policy states which organizations belong to the Ackaia Trust Services public key infrastructure (PKI) and defines what their roles and duties are.

ATS Certificate Policy

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Your rights and responsibilities

Use of ATS services is subject to the Subscriber Agreement and the Relying Party Agreement.

Relying Party Agreement

The Relying Party Agreement describes the responsibilities of everyone who relies on a certificate that the service has issued for a website.

ATS Relying Party Agreement

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Subscriber Agreement

The Subscriber Agreement describes your responsibilities as a user who has requested a certificate.

ATS Subscriber Agreement

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Download CA certificates